Track: Tunnel Traffic – Another Story

The low-fi musings of Adam Hachey have been sorely missed and it’s fantastic to see another creative flourish from him under the moniker Tunnel Traffic. Single ‘Another Story’ heralds a bout of three single releases from Tunnel Traffic in anticipation of a new album due later this year, and, if this single is indicative, we are in for another treat.

Taking a backseat from vocals, Hachey lets long time collaborator Jackie Muñoz provide the delightful, wistful vocals with the additional input of bassist Harshith D’mello. Otherwise, all other instrumentation and lyrics come from the Philadelphian native.

With a subtle yet powerful dig at the treatment of refugees and the indomitable and vapid twenty-four hour news cycle, ‘Another Story’ is delivered with crystalline shards of guitars, breathless delicate vocals and that special ingredient Hachey and company deliver so well – mountain ranged melodies, a quiet/loud ethic and a driving rhythm:

There’s nothing more satisfying than sweet indie pop with brains, and Hachey and Tunnel Traffic are an inventive force that keep on delivering with panache.

You can get the single now through this link.

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