Track: Babyfang – Goan Go

Babyfang are a Rock trio based in Brooklyn, New York consisting of Théo Mode (guitarist), Canteen Killa (drummer) and 13th Law (bassist) who are all producers, singers, and songwriters. The band was initially formed to work out live versions of some half-written songs by Théo, they played
two shows and recorded a five-track demo, before everything ground to a halt due to Covid.

This demo, entitled Olive Juice, was released on June 5, 2020 and the band returned to the live arena in spring of 2021. The trio workshopped live renditions of tracks from Olive Juice, along with new unrecorded material; some of which would find its way onto their debut album ‘In the Face Of’, due out the 3rd of February. They have shared the video for single ‘Goan Go’ in anticipation.

A slick hypnotic peace with a loose jazzy feel. The melodic guitar runs and bass stabs combine with the cymbal heavy drumming adding to the addictive loose groove. It’s something a bit different and something utterly brilliant.

Check it out, here

Find out more via the band’s Website

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