Album Review: An Early Bird – Echoes of Unspoken Words

An Early Bird is essentially the work of Stefano Di Stefano – a quintessentially romantic troubadour from Naples and now based in Milan. Backseat Mafia has followed closely Di Stefano’s career since we began life, firstly though his band Pipers then through his solo work under the An Early Bird moniker.

‘Echoes of Unspoken Words’ is a collection of gorgeous, delicate songs framing Di Stefano’s urgent, plaintiff vocals: epitomised by crystalline, shimmering instrumentation and gentle melodies. It is a variety of indie/folk – acoustic-based and natural but full of grand choruses and melodies that shine brightly.

There is an evenness and consistency to the album which makes it a perfect whole: a strand of deep romance weaves its way throughout the tracks and Di Stefano paints beautifully expressed observations in a poetic and lyrical way: an extraordinary feat considering he is writing in a second language.

Opening track ‘Talk to Strangers’, featuring fellow Italian artist Old Fashioned Lover Boy, is a yearning emotionally exposed beginning: Di Stefano does melancholia so beautifully that it’s mesmerising with its delicate piano and harmonies.

Single ‘One Kiss Broke The Promise’ (reviewed by us earlier this year) captures this perfectly: a gentle and lush piece, cloaked in an ethereal romanticism. It is an elegant, cinematic track with a poignant simple video:

‘From A Far’ moves towards a more electronic base with glitchy percussion and an inherent pop sensibility and a mesmerising video that elegantly portrays the vulnerability of perfomance and artists:

Single ‘Racing Hearts’ is a reflective piece that showcases Di Stefano’s deep yearning and emotional resonance as well as his delicate guitar work:

This album is a slowly burning fuse that is heartfelt, emotional and vulnerable. Di Stefano is an accomplished musician whose work is passionate and expressive and a joy to listen to. There is a warmth and veracity in his expression that is endearing and unique. Listen to the album through the link below or download/stream here.

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