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The Breakdown

Nowhere Generation is proof that there is still plenty of life left in the band of outspoken punk rockers. Sounding fresh and vital with the tunes to match their hard hitting lyrics.

Punk rock band Rise Against new album,Nowhere Generation, is the bands first new studio effort in four years. is set for a June 4 release and is Rise Against’s first with new label Loma Vista Recordings.

Regarding the album front man Said McIlrath comments: 

“Today there is the promise of the American Dream, and then there is the reality of the American Dream.  America’s ‘historical norm’ that the next generation will be better off than the one that came before has been diminished by an era of mass social, economic, and political instability and a sell-out of the Middle Class.  The brass ring that was promised by hard work and dedication no longer exists for everyone. When the privileged climb the ladder of success and then burn it from the top, disruption becomes the only answer.”

First track ‘The Numbers’ opens with a fan fair start that warps into clean and striking guitar before the band break out and the noise begins. Melodic rhythm playing is the name of the game with this band with no one member stealing the show as their music is a group effort. Mcllrath is on top form with his half shout of desperation and quick fire delivery.

Capable of huge stadium anthems as second track ‘Sudden Urge’ shows. Huge intro boils down to shimmering guitar and the huge voice of Mcllrath. ‘Monarch’ has all the drum bashing, loud and proud punk. Where as ‘Sounds Like’ has ringing bass and an arm raising chorus.

A typical track from these guys, ‘Nowhere Generation’ starts with the quiet statement full intro before exploding on the chorus. The drumming is nothing short of perfection from Brandon Barnes. Who rallies the song along at a great stomping pace. He does the same on ‘Talking To Ourselves’ with its catchy riff and lyrical phrasing that snaps like the snare drum. A buzzing chorus brings is addictive as they come on this catchy track that sticks in the head for days.

Joe Principe brings the heaviest of bass notes on ‘Broken Dreams’ as Zach Blair sets his fretboard alight with some scorching licks. But then it is time to turn your lights off for the albums slow track. ‘Forfeit’ sees acoustic guitar and some dynamic strings and tinkling piano under Mcllrath’s pleading vocals. The albums production qualities really shine here allowing each instrument to add clear definition to the track, leaving an intense and moving song.

Sooner Or Later is all about the chorus. A steady verse and a tension building bridge blows in to a head banging chorus where as ‘Middle Of A Dream’ is a full on punk charge showing that the album is not about to fizzle out. Barnes making this a rip roaring track with some raging drumming.

‘Rules Of Play’ sees the band saving one of the best for last. A huge epic punk track that shouts from the top of its voice with one of the best choruses on the album.

If there was ever proof needed that there was still plenty of life left in this band then Nowhere Generation is just that. They sound full of confidence with a great set of tracks begging for an audience. Great production makes good use of the band talents from Mcllrath’s emotive and powerful vocals and Barnes exceptional power house drumming. The tracks are full of social commentary of injustice, big businesses and politics for stacking the social and economical deck against Millennials’, Gen Y’s, and Gen Z’s pursuit of The American Dream.  With lyrics inspired in part by input from band members’ young children and Rise Against’s community of fans.

Check out the title track, below

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  1. The Numbers
  2. Sudden Urge
  3. Nowhere Generation 
  4. Talking to Ourselves
  5. Broken Dreams, Inc. 
  6. Forfeit
  7. Monarch
  8. Sounds Like
  9. Sooner of Later
  10. Middle of a Dream
  11. Rules of Play

* CD in a soft pack jacket with a multi-page lyric booklet

* 12-inch, limited edition vinyl picture disc (exclusive to the band’s webstore)

* Deluxe album edition with a distinctive spinning wheel gatefold jacket with die-cut front cover; a 12-page album art booklet insert, and a bonus 7″ featuring two “Nowhere Session” versions of album standouts “Nowhere Generation” + “Broken Dreams, Inc”;  special vinyl color variants for retail worldwide as well as the band’s webstore. 

* Standard vinyl format that includes a single sleeve, dorado paper-wrapped jacket, with lyric insert featuring metallic ink; multiple special vinyl color variants for select retailers as well as the band’s webstore.  

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