PREMIERE: Phantom Limb get weird in ‘Guppy’ video as they prep new album for November

Phantom Limb

If you’re not a fan of strange-textured foods or seeing said strange-textured foods thrown in faces, we’d recommend you tab out of this new Phantom Limb clip and treat yourself to the audio-only experience. If you are, well, this video is a treat. Led by Andrew Laningham, the Alabama quartet’s new song tackles the pervasive feeling of anxiety, which pairs well with the 70s-dinner-party weirdness going on around him. We’re premiering it plus announcing their new record, which is very nice for a Monday.

Per Laningham, the band ‘wanted this video to center around anxiety. We landed on Jell-o as the vehicle through finding very gross-looking Jell-o salad recipes in Better Homes and Garden/Family Circle magazines from the 70s. Anxiety is sticky, paralyzing, gag-inducing, and really hard to ignore.  Eventually, it just kind of overtakes you and coats your life in this malaise. But, you kind of make a weird pact with it to keep living your life. Jell-o and anxiety are kind of similar in that way I guess.’

There’s a comparison you don’t see every day of the week, and the spiky, psychedelia-tinged garage rock of ‘Guppy’, – there and gone in not even two minutes – the lead single from the follow-up to 2018 debut Townies, bodes very well indeed for the arrival of that second album, which is called Pastoral and is out via Earth Libraries on Tuesday November 16th. Dig in:

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