Track: Astari Nite anticipate new album with single ‘All Else Is A Curse’

The deeply satisfying gothic rock tones of Astari Nite provide a thoroughly cathartic and celestial sonic power, with singer Mychael’s deeply mellifluous deep and sombre tones providing a fitting icing to the cake. After the success of their album ‘Here Lies’, Astari Nite have returned to the fray with a new single, ‘All Else Is A Curse’ – a lighter toned piece with jangling guitars and a wall of synths and Mychael’s voice flitting between a Psychedelic Furs’ Richard Butler and Bowie timbre.

There is a hint of melancholia and yearning creating a more reflective atmosphere yet still with the drama and poise that epitomise Astari Nite. Of the lyrical themes, Mychael says they were influenced by a return to the recording process:

In essence I fell in love with a lot of laughter and simple conversing during these engagements.

Often, I would slide away in thought during these times only to be reminded of voices I might never hear again. Feeling merry and magical, Astari Nite began tracking for our next catalog of songs and in an instant “All Else is a Curse” became my new obsession.

As melancholy as I may appear, I am carelessly smiling deep inside. The more I dwell on who or what moment in time this song is about, I like to believe that sadness is an artform and as cliché as it may sound, it meant everything to me.

The single certainly has all the hallmarks of the ethereal beauty found in the world of Astari Nite:

Lovely stuff. The single is out now through Negative Gain and you can get it though the link above.

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