See: Ezra Furman releases video to Restless Year

Ahead of his first album for Bella Union, singer songwriter Ezra Furman has released a new video for the track ‘Restless Year’. Its his first since the well received Day of the Dog, which showed Furman could mix up elements of doo wop, skiffle and garage into something that sounded decidedly modern.

Restless Year follows on from the headier moments of that last album, with this frankly gorgeous rockabilly-ish guitar line, with follow up doo-wops, all within the first few seconds. Furman’s gruff delivery follows in, as he drops clever lines and namechecks, as the track rumbles over this garage-like backing, complete with buzzsaw like bassline.

The video itself is best described by Ezra himself, who comments, “Hello my dears, I hope you enjoy this musical video-film, made by the incomparable Jo Brett. This is pretty much an accurate depiction of what my life is like. Zipping around the San Francisco Bay Area, feeling insane, looking amazing. Reading, dancing, falling, encountering Death. This is how I live, moving wildly and freely through a world that has nothing to do with me. Special thanks to the fabulous Restless Year Dancers, the good people at Kayo Books, and Death, who as always was available at short notice.”

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