Album Review: Zombi – 2020

With their first new album in 5 years Zomi’s new album, 2020 showcases their songwriting prowess that has pushed the duo of Steve Moore (synthesizers, guitars, bass) and A.E. Paterra (drums) to evolve throughout their storied, 20 year career.

This is a slightly different Zombi then what we have previously seen. Which is understandable when you have been creating for as long as these two. 2020 is an album of two halves. It starts with hard hitting tracks full of rock and buzz saw guitars battering through the speakers. Second half pulls on the more progressive use of synths and bass and tones the rocky aspects of their sound down.

Tracks like ‘Breakthrough and Conquer’ and ‘No Damage’ are intense hard hitting rock numbers. Synth heavy trackslike ‘Earthscraper’ and the majestic ‘Mountain Ranges’ are more the epic Zombi sound to please old fans. ‘Earthscraper’ in particular bridges the gap between ‘Shape Shifter’ Zombi and ‘2020’ Zombi.

‘No damage’ sees the band embrace the more progressive elements of their music repeated on ‘XYZ’ with its Baba o’riley looped synths and swirls of distorted bass and ‘Fifth Point of the Pentangle’ and its impressive drumming. Impressive drumming that caries on into ‘First Flower’ an epic slice of fantasy sounding progressive rock that builds and warps finishing with world ending drums.

Final track ‘Thoughtforms’, broods with some harmonised guitar and chugging bass. An 80s movie soundtrack vibe. Something which can be said about the album as a whole. With having no vocals the music is more in the forefront. 2020 is an album of atmospheres and emotions with the ability to create worlds and feeling in the listener.

This is a solid album and a welcome return for Zombi. Sure some of the tunes are repetitive and cover the same ground but there is still plenty left to enjoy. The three singles ‘Breakthrough and Conquer’, ‘No Damage’ and ‘Earthscraper’ are minutes of shear epic joy worth the album alone. Its best to think of the album as a complete piece. Let it unfold and take you on a journey as you enjoy the ebb and flow of the interwoven synths and guitars all pinned down with some tremendous drumming and bass work.

Check out Breakthrough and Conquer

Album is available here

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