Film Review: MLK/FBI

Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the most important, influential and pivotal social and political figures in America during the second half of the twentieth century. His central role in the civil rights movement and his untimely death are ingrained within the psyche of the country. His determination to protest peacefully and exact nonviolent societal change have inspired countless people throughout the world.

His popularity and success brought him to the attention of the FBI and its director J. Edgar Hoover.  King’s closeness to both John F. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy posed problems for the bureau and led to a campaign of harassment and intimidation against him. Using a wealth of recently declassified documents, Sam Pollard’s new documentary, MLK/FBI, focusses on the relationship between the US’s domestic and intelligence service and the Baptist minister.

MLK/FBI is a fascinating investigation into a complex relationship between the FBI and Martin Luther King Jr. Using an array of archive footage, expert testimony and the documents themselves, we’re painted a picture of a targeted and concerted campaign to undermine his credibility and influence on American politics. MLK/FBI is an intricately constructed and beautifully paced film about government surveillance and the attempt to undermine a political movement.

MLK/FBI is released in virtual cinemas and on demand in the UK and US on 15 January.

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