Say Psych: Video Premiere: Diagram – Reflections

Berlin-based musician Hákon Aðalsteinsson, originally hailing from Iceland, can be found fronting neo-psych outfit The Third Sound and gloomy alt-country troupe Gunman & The Holy Ghost, as well as being the live guitarist for The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Anton Newcombe’s ongoing collaborations with Tess Parks. His latest project, duo Diagram, are preparing for the release of their second album, and BSM brings you the premiere of the first single, ‘Reflections’.

Hákon recruited fellow Third Sound band member Fred Sunesen to create a more exciting live experience and to make the sound heavier and fuller. In that form the band has toured central Europe and done a handful of Berlin shows. In March 2020 the band released a collection of songs that had already been written by Hákon, under the name 8 Tracks. The digital only release was intended as an experiment to develop the band’s sound further before they would get to work on their next actual album. Meanwhile Fred remixed two of the songs from the debut album and those reworkings were released as digital singles. 

The analogue music video is by Antonio Curcetti and ‘Reflections’ is a haunted tale of the manic, obsessive and possessive places living in the two cities can often evoke. Drawing inspiration from Italian and Polish horror cinema and film noir, particularly Possession, Suspiria and The Third Man. The video was shot predominantly on VHS in London and Berlin during the Autumn of 2020 and edited with various glitch modulators.

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