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BSM have been champions of lesser known psychedelic gems for many years now and so it is a real privilege to bring you the premiere of the full album stream of Buenos Aires’ based Hurricane Heart Attacks who we’ve been a fan of for many years. We caught up with Jota Humada of the band recently and asked him to tell us more about the new record, as after all, who knows it better?!

“Over the last couple years I’ve been listening to a lot of mid/late 80s & early 90s British pop music. From Tears For Fears to Sisters Of Mercy. A lot of Talk Talk, Lightning Seeds, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Ian McCulloch and Bryan Ferry solo stuff just to name a few… Also some experimental and electronic bands like Tackhead and The Grid. I fell deeply in love with those exploding drum machines, synthesized bass lines, memorable melodies and crystal clear production. After our last European and UK tour, I brought a lot of those records back home which ended up being a huge inspiration for this album. I was looking for a new sound, and all these elegant and lush soundscapes showed me the way to a new horizon.”

“’OCD’, the single we released via Wrong Way Records in September 2017 was the beginning of this whole process, but it was actually when I bought the Alesis SR-16 drum machine that the sound of the new album started to take real shape. When I combined the Alesis beats with HHA’s signature guitar sounds I knew this was it. The equation is complete with layers of bass and string synthesizers which add a dark atmosphere to the overall production. The lyrics are gloomy and always orbit around stories of lost love, life, death and the endless inner journey. There are two special features within this new record; firstly it’s the first HHA album that I produced entirely. On the previous ones I oversaw most of it, but my brother Charly always had some involvement. And secondly Pablo, our bassist, took over the main vocals on ‘Close To The Sun’, which is a song we wrote together. Pablo also did a great job working side by side with me to help in finishing some of the songs and mixing the album.”

“Next July is gonna be the 10th anniversary of the first song Charly and I composed and recorded as a band. I can’t believe 10 years went by already! So many amazing things happened during this past decade; 3 albums (2 of them released on vinyl which is a dream come true!), 2 EPs, countless concerts around Argentina, Perú, Europe and the UK, playing at small sweaty venues to big stages at festivals, opening for great and legendary bands like Silver Apples, The Dandy Warhols, The Brian Jonestown Massacre & Holy Wave to name a few, making hundreds of friends around the world and learning of the most precious stuff which life is made of. This is the reason why I thought it would be quite accurate to name this new album simply Hurricane Heart Attacks. A way to pay tribute to all these fantastic years that changed our lives forever and soaked us into this amazing music. It is also a way to leave the canvas blank once again, who knows what may be coming next…”

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