Blu-ray Review: The Monster

Lucy isn't having a good time

Anyone watching TV during the 1980s will recognise Joan Collins. Indeed, for several generations of Britons she will always be the ever-scheming Alexis Colby. A character she played in Dynasty for the best part of a decade and who became a stalwart of popular culture. While it might come as a surprise, she’s had a film career which spans eight decades and over sixty films. In 1975 she starred in The Monster, aka I Don’t Want to Be Born.

While working as a dancer in a sleazy strip club in London, Lucy (Collins) is attacked by Hercules (George Claydon), a dwarf who has become obsessed with her. After being spurned, he lays a curse on her future child. Months later, she’s left the joint and married the wealthy Gino Carlesi (Ralph Bates), finally living the high life. Following a protracted labour, presided over by Dr. Finch (Donald Pleasence), Lucy gives birth to a rather hefty baby. One with claws…

The Monster suffered from budgetary constraints and a lack of actual material. It was rightly panned, on release, by critics. However, in retrospect there is much more to it than first meets the eye. It’s debatable whether this is intentional or not on the part of director Peter Sasdy, but when you look at it as slightly arch and campy romp it gains a whole new life. There’s even a touch of giallo, maybe.

Special features:

  • Brand-new audio commentary from the cult Second Features podcast team
  • Theatrical trailer
  • Alternative I Don’t Want to be Born titles
  • Image gallery
  • Limited edition booklet written by Adrian Smith

The Monster will be released on Blu-ray and DVD by Network on 11 October.

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