Sheffield Doc/Fest Review: My Name Is Andrea

The #MeToo movement highlighted a horrendous truth that many women already knew. However, this public wave of anger created an environment where people felt able to speak out for the first time. According to ONS data, almost half of all women (aged 16-59) questioned had been the victim of sexual assault at least once. Most young women have been sexually harassed. The vast majority don’t report these crimes, partly due to the stigma surrounding them but mainly because they don’t believe anything will be done.

This is by no means a new issue though. In a sense it has permeated almost the entirety of history. A world governed by men and where the rules are penned by men, whether legal or religious. Andrea Dworkin is a radical feminist writer and activist. While her personal experiences informed her work, her scope was always much bigger. Focussing on the myth of (white) male supremacy. Her outspoken views ruffled many feathers. My Name is Andrea focuses on her opinions.  

My Name is Andrea highlights the views of one of the most polarising figures of the feminist movement(s). Filmmaker Pratibha Parmar unearths great archival footage and cleverly uses performers to bring Dworkin’s words to life. Throughout her career she was frequently misrepresented and misquoted, made out to be a ‘man-hater’. My Name is Andrea sets the record straight and demonstrates just how far ahead of her time her thinking actually was.

My Name is Andrea screens at Sheffield Doc/Fest.

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