Taken from Protoartyr’s acclaimed new album Relatives in Descent, Don’t go to Anacita is cut from keen observations of touring, although Anacita itself is fictional. It’s good time indie/punk rock, propelled by these driving drums and razor sharp guitars and singer Joe Casey’s gutteral drawl.

The surreal video, inspired equally by obvious touchstone ‘Stairway to Lenin’ by Zbigniew Rybzynski and R.E.M.’s ‘Imitation of Life,’ was directed by Yoonha Park, who said “I wanted to make a visual that recreated the feeling of scanning over a large, densely populated image, like a Breughel painting or Where’s Waldo?. I wanted to convey a feeling of false progress and the idea that every new horror that meets us is part of a never-ending continuum. Joe Casey’s lyrics are chock full of references both contemporary and classical, often in the same song. It creates a really unique visual field that conveys the exact flavor of dread I find myself feeling a lot lately.”

Watch it, here