Track: The Rubens Release Sunny New Single ‘Liquid Gold’ Following Australian Tour

The acclaimed Australian indie-rock band, The Rubens, is reclaiming the spotlight with their latest single, ‘Liquid Gold‘, following the triumphant success of their 2023 hits, ‘Pets and Drugs’ and ‘Good Mood‘.

At the core of ‘Liquid Gold’ lies a narrative of self-destruction, cleverly concealed beneath bright, sunny melodies. The track’s mantra, “Fall down, get up, fall down again, sun shines, get up, dance,” becomes a rhythmic echo resonating throughout the song, adding a layer of depth to the infectious beats. It’s an indie-rock anthem for the summer of ’24.

To enhance the overall experience, vocalist Sam Margin shot the accompanying music video in the heart of Brazil’s capital. The video beautifully captures the essence of Rio de Janeiro’s lively and colourful streets, perfectly complementing the energetic beats of ‘Liquid Gold.’

Building on the success of ‘Good Mood’ and ‘Pets and Drugs’ in 2023, The Rubens kicked off the year with a national tour in January, selling 10,000 tickets across 13 dates. This showcased the band’s enduring appeal, setting the stage for another monumental year. The fusion of their signature sound with the vibrant energy of Brazil positions the single as a standout addition to The Rubens’ impressive repertoire.

Photo Credit: Guilia McGauran

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