Track: Casual Drag – Bleach Head

Backseat Mafia are glad to be able to connect with the hard playing and upcoming band Casual Drag, it’s always a pleasure to get involved with up and coming bands. 

Firstly lets take the name Casual Drag. These guys are a fresh out of Edinburgh and thrash out a Garage Punk sound that belies the name. Taking their names in isolation, first of all Casual seems to be an understatement and well Drag is word full of alternative meanings, none of which seem to fit here.

Although the bands last release Bleach Head was back in 2019, sometimes you miss the important things and when we heard it, we were compelled to write about it. The track snaps back the head totally with its hard hitting grungy Cramps style bass lines and a whole world of rough edged guitar that comes straight off the streets. If you thought the genre of music was buried somewhere in an unmarked grave. then Casual Drag just dug it up, brushed it off and electrified it back into life, except this time its abrasive and immediate and new! Vocalist/Guitarist Richard Clarke, along with bass player Dominic MacInnes and stcks amn Christian Werner are the architects of this sound, ready to take the world of real non fabricated music by its scruff and show just why you should never sit back and always be ready to rock! They’ve new music coming in 2020 that we can’t wait to get hold of.

Having played with the likes of Joe Talbot of Idles, Flat Worms and Memes to name e few, the future looks heavy with opportunities for a band willing to take it. 

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