Track: It’s ‘Prime Time’ for The Nature Strip – another blast of powerful effervescent pop.

Our favourite Sydney power popsters, The Nature Strip, are back with another effervescent slice of hyperventilating bop with their new single ‘Prime Time’. In their own inimitable fashion, this is an unique observation on the life of a cicada and the nature of hibernation as an analogy for life after COVID. As Pete Marley, purveyor of the bottom end and one of the songwriters in the band says:

Many cicadas grow underground for a prime number of years to outwit their predators’ breeding cycles, then they come up and do their thing for a brief time. I equated that to venturing out into the world again after the events of the last few years – maybe it’s actually a note to self to not get stuck in the rut of being a bit of a hermit after spending way too much time indoors.

Fringed with thundering, stirring horns, this is what you come to expect from The Nature Strip: jangling guitars, a sort of fairground whirl, celestial melodies and a cheeky demeanour:

‘Prime Time’ is out today and available to download and stream through the link above and all the usual sites.

The Nature Strip launch ‘Prime Time’ at The Gasoline Pony, Sydney on Friday, November 24 (tonight) and after five singles over the past few years, an album is on the way next year.

On the recording are:

Jess Ciampa – Drums
John Encarnacao – Guitars, Bass Guitar, Vocals
Pete Marley – Vocals, Guitars, Tamborine
James Greening – Trombone
Brendan Smyly – Saxophone
Kendal Cuneo – Trumpet

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