News: Xelli Island Delivers Beautiful Soundscapes & Captivating Songwriting on new EP ‘Streets Of A Spiral’

Detroit-based independent dream-pop artist, Xelli Island, releases the multi-faceted, much-awaited ew EP, ‘Streets Of A Spiral’.

Delivering rich atmospheric soundscapes with a tight, lo-fi, selling sound of electronics, well placed guitar lines and angelic, captivating lead vocals, Xelli Island showcases beautiful musicality across the 5 track release. Boasting a fusion of grooving, boxy beats, tight, crunchy production and moments of explosive psychedelic euphoria, the EP balances its diverse musicality with infectious melodies, the EP showcase Island’s unquestionable talent and ability to craft spell bounding, yet controlled sonic pallets, delivering upon her astounding musicality.

Born out of a blue-collar, bicultural upbringing in Detroit, Xelli Island is the brainchild of vocalist and songwriter, Lianna Vanicelli. Drawing inspiration from her experiences of establishing a creative life in Detroit’s music scene and the eye-opening visits to her family in The Philippines since childhood, Xelli weaves a charming yet humble wisdom into her songwriting.

With a stylistic sound as comparable to ViVii as it is to Beach House and early FKA Twigs, Xelli Island captures something truly beautiful, raw and utterly captivating across ‘Streets Of A Spiral’.

Speaking about the EP, she says: “Streets Of A Spiral is an EP about finding the way back to yourself after years of relationships that led you astray. I imagine each relationship is a little spiral on the greater path of life. They are winding and endless and hypnotising, but whether you decide to travel upward or downward determines everything. It’s so easy to get sucked into the orbit of people you love, and sometimes it’s tricky and terrible and you have to drive away. So this is an EP about getting in my beloved car and driving away. Away from romance and its consuming nature, away from the pressures of finding a partner and settling down, and finally cutting loose all of the tension and strings that form within the world of intimacy and relationships.

It’s five songs that were written on a very winding but familiar path. The path of losing yourself in lust and love with someone that isn’t right for you, and then the process of finding self-worth and joy again, entirely on your own. Something that I believe is Universal but is also a privilege that not everyone gets to experience. To me, my car has always been an incredible source of freedom. The way you can just get in and go anywhere you decide. And most of the time it’s just parked outside of your house, but the option is always there.”

Listen below:

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