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Meet: The Coral’s James Skelly takes us through the inspirations for the new album ‘Coral Island’, the magic of memories, and how The Coral are the Robbie Fowler of the music industry.

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Feature: 2019 Favourites

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Feature: Shelved albums – a celebration.

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My daughter brought home some maths homework that really didn’t make any sense to me. I wondered if it was just me, but the more people I showed this homework to, the more people who were confused and baffled by it. There just seemed to be something wrong with the whole thing. The often feel …

It all happened quite by accident for Gene, who, when they started were going about things quite happily as Sp!n, releasing a couple of single as an album on the Foundation label. But singer Lee Clark felt he was too old, and the following day the band had a serious accident and band member John …

It’s funny that one of the best labels distributing Folk, experimental, drone, Japanese alternative, avant garde and general ‘noise’ stuff is Blackest Rainbow records, here in Sheffield. not only that but they are specialists in physical media such as Lp and caught on very early to the resurgence in Cassettes. Of course, you can still download this …