EP Review: Mortal Chains – Mortal Chains

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The Breakdown

Heavy metal shenanigans that captures the bands blackened, raw and heavy live sound

The self titled EP from North East’s heavy metal shenanigan creators Mortal Chains captures the bands blackened, raw and heavy sound that benefits from the minimalistic set of up of guitar, bass, drums, voice.

From an intriguingly spooky start, opening track Prophet’s Eyes begins life as a virtuosic guitar intro before ripping a frantic riff bursts to life with guttural vocals and driving drums kicks this EP off proper. The guitar work only gets more intricate as the track flies along and you can’t help be impressed, especially if you have caught these guys live.

The rifle quick heavy riffing of ‘Advocate’ is matched by the impressively creative drumming before the track emerges into a heavy doom monster. Not to be overshadowed by guitarist/singer Martins fretboard work, drummer Alex is a key component of the bands sound and his intricate drum work is an integral part to the bands sound. This is no ordinary time keeping allowing the show boating of others, the drums shine bright on this EP.

The thunderous ‘Slave To Demise’ is a whirl wind that evolves into a full on head banging riff-a-thon. These pack a lot in the 4 minute songs. Like short prog metal saga masterpieces that morph into a heap of different metal genres. You want moshpit grooves with death metal vocals you got it, want lighter holding melodic guitar moments you got that too. ‘The Bringers Of Despair’ embodies this with the flurry of frantic guitar work before kicking in a rock dragging groove.

As if Alex hasn’t had enough of a workout on the drum kit, final track ‘These Mortal Chains’ gives him chance for one last hooray to completely finish things properly. A barnstorming track from start to finish with Martin signing off with a slick guitar solo.

The EP is the band displaying themselves in their raw form. Hanging on the intricate guitar work of Martin and those relentless drums of Alex. The tracks are raw and show a band that craft tracks in which multiple ideas and textures clash into a coherent heavy metal vein. Something that sees these guys stand apart from their metal genre counterparts.

Check out the bands track, Prophet’s Eyes below:

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