Film Review: Escape from Extinction

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For the vast majority of people, our ability to see even a tiny fraction of the diverse flora and fauna this planet has to offer is reliant on television or visits to zoos, wildlife parks and aquariums. Much of our knowledge has come via famous naturalists, with the likes of David Attenborough bringing wonderment to many generations of the young and old alike. Despite the heroic efforts of many, the actions of man have resulted in the extinction of countless species already.

We are, according to most experts, already in the middle of a human induced mass extinction event. However, as climate change increases exponentially, deforestation, pollution, poaching, overfishing etc etc threaten vast numbers of habitats. However, there is a chance for humankind to make amends and nurture endangered species back to something like abundance. Breeding animals in captivity plays a vital role in this and forms a major part of Escape from Extinction.

Narrated by Helen Mirren, Escape from Extinction is a timely documentary which makes the case for the effectiveness of human intervention, both in increasing the numbers of engendered creatures and educating the public. The pictures we see on our screens are often romanticised but Matthew R. Brady’s film argues for more realistic portrayals of our natural world. Escape from Extinction highlights the importance of acting now.  

Escape From Extinction is in selected cinemas from 17 September and released by Kaleidoscope Entertainment on Digital platforms from 18 October & DVD from 25 October.

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