News: Trophy Eyes return with reflective new single ‘Blue Eyed Boy’

Australian punk rockers Trophy Eyes are back with new single, ‘Blue Eyed Boy’, a track particularly close to home. Trophy Eyes’ John Floreani says the song “was written about a trip I took back to my hometown. One friend in particular, maybe my best friend, had recently moved back and regressed into their old ways. I’d mourned the death of this friend long ago, as did the rest of us in our small social circle. To see him again brought me great childhood joy yet simultaneously an overwhelming sense of dread.

I was reminded of something my mother told me as a young boy when my grandmother died; “if you see her now, like this, it’s the only way you’ll remember her. Best hold on to the good times, you’ll always have those.”

In addition their social media post said, “turn it up and stare out the window like you’re the main character in the music video. Tell your friends you love them, fall asleep in your clothes, sit down in the shower, take the scenic route home, make art, fall in love, talk to strangers, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, touch everything, and most importantly… enjoy.”


Trophy Eyes return to the UK in May for performances at the Slam Dunk Festivals in Hatfield and Leeds on May 27th and 28threspectively.

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