Live Review : Cheap Teeth / Hypothetics at Sneeky Petes Edinburgh , 10/08/2022

Credit Ian Campbell

Another night at Sneekys and another show in the Central Belters series. The manic pop thrills just keep coming as the long hot summer combusts with raucous gig after gig. This time was a double header featuring Hypothetics and Cheap Teeth .

Hypothetics are a four piece from Bristol who took the long and sweaty road north for two shows in Glasgow and Edinburgh . With an EP due to drop soon , this was an opportunity to test new songs on some new punters. The band managed a confluence of styles from funk to rock to some interesting electronic beats . There was something for everyone including a vector guitar I havent seen used on stage for a very long time. The fusion between a traditional rock axe and a modern synth took their sound in some pleasingly original directions.

Credit Ian Campbell

It will be interesting to see how the EP does as it was well received on the night . The previous offering Newborn combined a jangly start over a more funky line – the sort of thing that makes the punters glad that the venue’s aircon was doing it’s job. The band appeared to have enjoyed their trip to Scotland and it will be hoped that they return for more shows soon.

Credit Ian Campbell

In contrast Cheap Teeth were originally based in Edinburgh before moving to Leeds. First seen as early in the day performers at The Stag and Dagger festival in 2020 , they showed growing maturity by playing the main outdoor stage at the excellent Hidden Door event in June. That night they owned a large festival sized stage and it was no surprise to see them dominate the room in the more bijou surroundings of Sneekys. People danced throughout. Their following is growing and growing at pace.

This was another upbeat performance and the blend of the guitars which drove the set raucously on were delivered with the style and coolness normally associated with the greats. Sneakys is a venue that thrives on interaction between band and audience and with the band still treating this as a “home game”, enthusiasm from the growing mosh pit was highly infectious. At times , with a strutting guitarist and a singer keeping the energy high , the band and the audience merged. As well as the young team burning off enough energy to keep Sneekys warm until the autumn , there was a nod to us older gig goers with a few licks from Marquee Moon. The band ended with their latest single What a Feeling , What a day . A slightly more mellow sound but a subtle take on the sadness of summer . This was a message to grasp the moment and perhaps reflect on our good fortune to see this . A fine way to end a fine night . Cheap Teeth will have rich times ahead.

credit Ian Campbell
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