New Video: The Dandy Warhols – Thick Girls Knock Me Out (Richard Starkey)

I confess I was a little uncomfortable reviewing the video of a song with such a bewildering title after International Women’s Day, but then, with the nonsensical inclusion of a tribute to The Beatles’ drummer, Ringo, I realised that nothing The Dandy Warhols release can ever be taken too seriously.

This is the shouty, loud and rocky version of the Dandies (as opposed to their more laid back psychedelic persona) and this song explores no new musical boundaries, introduces no musical progression nor shows any sign of enlightenment whatsoever. And that is the unbridled joy of The Dandy Warhols.

The song is off their recent album Distortland available now through Dine Alone Records on iTunes. Its somewhat goofy nature is presented as a panacea to today’s uncertain political climate: “This song is a story from about a decade ago and it all came together last year,” says singer Courtney Taylor-Taylor. “Last year when nobody believed we would have the political insanity which is now unfolding. I hope this can be a moment of clever fun and a break from the big worries that are quickly piling up on our doorsteps.” It certainly delivers that:

Terrific if not slightly inconsequential stuff. The Dandies have just finished a tour of Europe.

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