NEWS: Independent label Tympanik Audio comes to an end

Tympanik Audio the independent electronic music label with the slogan “Electronic music for the rest of us” has apparently come to an end according to a short Facebook post on the labels page yesterday and with it one of the most interesting independent labels in music disappears.

The Chicago based label ,started in 2007 by IDM and electronic music  fan Paul Nielsen, became known for a host of artists in the electronic music/IDM genre including Haujobb, Stendeck, Access to Arasaka, Tineidae, Displacer, Zinovia and many more and for its critically acclaimed compilation series Emerging Organisms, the first volume being Tympanik’s first release in 2007 (volume 5 was released in 2014).

This is just the latest example of how hard it is for independent labels and smaller artists to survive.

For more details regarding Tympanik Audio and releases visit

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