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When you buy a CD from a band you’ve just seen live for the first time, you’re immediately cautious: there’s no guarantee the recorded session is as good as the live performance you’ve just witnessed. You were caught up in the moment – the CD in your hand could be awful. On the other hand, it could be brilliant.

With Golden Age Magicians, thankfully, I got lucky. Their CD is brilliant.

Containing just two tracks, Golden Age Magicians have given us two singles to introduce themselves. They don’t demand too much of your time and, really, they just want you to give them a chance.

I stumbled across this band when my friend Josh Kemp supported their single launch last week (they call it an EP, but it’s really a double-sided single. If this was on a 7″ vinyl you’d understand.)

‘Turn of the Earth’ opens with soothing melodies that immediately relax you. The lads behind the single have perfected their soft tones and simple harmonies, creating one of the most calming tracks I’ve heard in a while.

‘Home’ starts in a similar fashion, with Colin Whittle leading the way with his soft vocals. His voice delicately places emotion into the elegant song; the rest of the band supporting him with gentle backing vocals and acoustic instruments.

“Say every man’s house is his castle, but I am scared I’ve built mine of sand” is a line that stood out for me when I first heard it; we’re all so worried about the fragility of our achievements that we feel we should’ve built something “more enduring.” Golden Age Magicians reassure us of our doubts: “You’ll find your way” is the message they leave us with, and it’s a comforting one.

Golden Age Magicians are just at the beginning of their adventure but this single release tells me they’re on the right path. They’re a sincere bunch with a knack for good songwriting and soothing melodies; their optimism on stage makes them a good band to see live, too.

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