Premiere: Alan McGee signing Cat SFX release new video for Upside Down

That Alan McGee knows a thing or two about signing bands, so it’s always worth keeping an eye on whats happening in his world. Signed to his Creation Baby label is Cat SFX, aka Caterina Speranza (Vox) alongside Giancarlo Mariani (guitar), Jacob Morris (bass), and Gordon Mills (drums). They make this filthy sounding punk/post-punk noise, and we’re delighted to have the video to their fourth single Upside Down premiering right here on Backseat Mafia today.

Of the track Caterina, who also wrote the song, says “Upside Down” is about the absolute disdain towards the mental health of today’s youth. Consumed by social media, ever declining job opportunities and the rebound from boomers, we are reverted to antidepressants to “cure” our depressed state, treating the symptoms rather than the cause… The video was filmed by Ben Durling over 5 different shows and also at London Fashion Week which is where the catwalk footage comes from”

Upside Down is forged in the spirit of punk, with this Blondie-like new wave backing and Caterina’s beautifully earthy howl, but there’s a large dose of indie rock about it as well, just for good measure. It soaks in these dirty riffs, crashing drums and skewed, smart songwiting, and spits out this deliciously dirty and catchy rock and roll track.

The accompanying video, as eluded to, spices up the band performing alongside footage from London Fashion Week. It couldn’t be more apt. Check it out, here

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