Say Psych: Interview: Meet the Label – Little Cloud Records

Neo-Psychedelia has become the fastest growing musical trend, and the genre that everyone who wants to be associated with. With that in mind, it’s easy to forget that it is people who make all of this possible and get the music out into the public domain in the first place.

Say Psych plans to address this issue by speaking to some of the labels most keenly associated with the best new psychedelia emerging and finding more about the men and women who are taking the time and energy to makes this great music accessible.

We open proceedings by speaking with Mike Nesbitt, one half of Little Cloud Records – Portland, Oregon. The other half of the dynamic duo is Josiah Webb, also in the band Magic Shoppe.

1. What was your motivation to start a record label?

I guess all those records that I love that never got released on vinyl made me want to do something about it. Also, Plucky. He had some great ideas and it got me pumped to go for it.

2. Why the psych rock genre?

Because it is a fucking amazing scene. Everyone seems to get along, ya know? Oh and I LOVE the music!

3. Where did the name come from?

I named it after a Magic Castles song that my son Syd used to really love when he was 6 months old. He is my little cloud so I named it after him, I guess.

4. Tell us a bit about the bands on the label

MAGIC SHOPPE are from Boston, MA and they are the perfect mix of shoegaze and a huge set of balls. I absolutely love them. Also, Josiah, Magic Shoppe’s main dude is also the other half of Little Cloud Records now. I love him like a brother. They are playing Liverpool Psych Fest this year and they will be releasing a new EP in a few months as well.

PETE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT is Peter Holmström from The Dandy Warhols band. Not much needs to be said. I’m pretty damn lucky to be releasing his first LP on vinyl for him.

5. Did you have a vision for where you wanted the label to go?

Not really but I’d love for it to be as cool as Fuzz Club someday.

6. Biggest triumph/high to date?

The release of the PIA record!!!! Ha!

7. On the flip side, have there been any disasters/downsides/lies?

Not yet!

8. What to expect in 2017

A few more records for sure. Definitely a new Magic Shoppe EP and we have been chatting with The Orange Kyte from Canada. We have been in contact with a few other amazing bands that I won’t name because I don’t want to jinx anything. HA!

9. Plans for the future

I’m living in the right now at the moment…

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