See: Tennis reveal video for My Emotions Are Blinding

Tennis share new track ‘My Emotions Are Blinding’ to coincide with the release their new album ‘Yours Unconditionally’ this month. Flowing on from the singles ’In the Morning I’ll Be Better’ and ‘Modern Woman’, this third track and video from the wife and husband duo builds on their dreamy combinations of playful melodies with nostalgically structured song writing. That warming, soft focus gleams in ‘My Emotions Are Blinding’. Enhanced by the gorgeous shimmer of a glossily lit authentic chrome turntable and ‘snow’ white vinyl spinning atop.

The track is a vintage yacht-pop voyage that circumnavigates, in a musical return to the bands sonic origins or, ‘’nautical roots of sorts’’. The duo even wrote part of the album while sailing at sea, what Alaina calls “a grandiose gesture”, a necessary venture of revisiting the past to reinvigorate the present. For maximum enjoyment watch after donning a sporty headband/legwarmer combo and whilst surfing in roller-skates.

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