Track: Eora/Sydney-based Fvneral defrost for our delectation the single ‘Frozen Lasagne’ – a haunting, delicious paean to reciprocation of kindness

Feature Photograph: Lorena Rabbani

Fvneral are an Eora/Sydney band with impeccable credentials. Co-produced by member Tim Blunt (Stand Atlantic, Birds of Tokyo), and Phan Sjarif (Middle Kids, Cry Club, Velvet Trip), their new single ‘Frozen Lasagne’ is a delicate and moving ballad that has all the hallmark ingredients of tasty pop – a golden thread of melancholia running throughout and indelible fragile melodies that shimmer with a burning intensity.

The band say of the single:

‘Frozen Lasagne’ in a literal sense, describes a panic attack in the supermarket freezer aisle. In a broader sense, it’s about arriving at a crossroads, recognising that you hold the people closest to you to a higher standard than you hold yourself to; expecting empathy from those who you haven’t been willing to offer it to. It’s about looking at the people who have shown you so much kindness and care and realising that you haven’t been reciprocating. The song details the search for the good inside yourself – the good that the people who love you see, or at least hope they can see again someday.

The lyrics exhibit the most delicate and compassionate expression of vulnerability over reflective dappling instrumentation and soft male/female vocals:

Freeze in front of frozen lasagne
Panic attack in the supermarket
Feels dumb to be most embarrassed you saw
Caged eggs smash when I dropped my basket

This is a hauntingly beautiful song that is given delightful expression through the accompanying video, directed by Lorena Rabbani with scenes involving the consumption of the eponymous convenience dinner with an injection of humour and not just a little endearing pathos. The band says of the video:

The song paints some super glib pictures of mental ill-health and inner turmoil, so it was important for the video to counterbalance all of that. We wanted it to be fun, funny and playful, so we enlisted the services of a particularly selfless friend who managed to eat an entire 1kg family-sized frozen lasagne in about 10 minutes.

Extraordinary dedication for a tasty serving of pop:

‘Frozen Lasagne’ is out today and can be downloaded and streamed here.

Feature Photograph: Lorena Rabbani

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