Melbourne’s Majak Door have released a fantastic jangling, jaunty tune ‘Will She Leave You’, which has chorus-soaked bubbling guitars lending an aquatic gurgle to the bright, sparkling tone.

Very much in the vein of France’s Phoenix, this is effervescent pop with a melancholic sheen to its breezy veneer. It has a summer-perfect glow – matching their self-described genre of surf rock.

Singer Frankie Vakalis says of the process recording track:

This track differed from the last single in that we were forced to work from home rather than in the studio. We tracked the drums at our home studio and sent each other bits and pieces to finish off our parts. This approach will now be a big part in the way we approach our recording from now on as we look to broaden our recording and mixing skills.

Needless to say, the result is a joyous pop serving with just a little hint of yearning.

Out now, you can get the single through the link above or download/stream here.