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Album Review: Descendents – 9th & Walnut

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“It’s difficult to imagine there being that many collections of short, fast, fun, straight-ahead punk songs released this year that are as enjoyable as this.”

So-Cal punk veterans Descendents have announced that their upcoming 18-track collection – entitled ‘9th & Walnut’ – will be released on 23rd July through Epitaph Records. Named after the corner location of their first Long Beach rehearsal space, ‘9th & Walnut’ was recorded back in 2002 with the band’s original line-up of Milo Aukerman (vocals), …

Bratty punk rock is the call of the day when it comes to Glaswegians Heavy Rapids. Don’t let the term “bratty” allude to negative connotations though – punk is meant to be bratty at times. Isn’t that when it’s at its best? See Descendents, Angry Samoans and even IDLES for a modern comparison. It’s that frantic …