Track: Cucamaras – Keep It Cool

With a buzz saw drive and the most louche sardonic vocals you could hear, Cucumara‘s new single ‘Keep It Cool’ is the very definition of cool. Imbued with a healthy self-deprecating sense of humor in the wry lyrics, delivered in an urgent studied style with tongue firmly planted in cheek, Cucamaras have a delectable swagger augmented by the razor thin guitar riffs that drive their way through the song.

Guitarist/vocalist Olly Bowley says:

It’s about liking a girl who has a boring boyfriend with a very well air-conditioned room…

Never ever underestimate the power of a comfortable environment in the complex and competitive field of romance. This song wears its cheeky chappy flat cap music with pride – and so it should. Yes, we can identify genetic roots in early The Strokes and an Arctic Monkey poetic brashness and it’s all the richer for that:

Out on Friday, 24 July 2020, you can pre-order or pre-save the single via Ditto Records here. This will be part of a double release, including the song ‘Window Seat’.

Cucamaras are flying the flag for indie guitar rock with style and panache and a healthy sense of humour.

Hailing from Nottingham and Sheffield, Cucamaras are:
Josh Hart (Guitars, Vocals), Olly Bowley (Guitars, Vocals), Joe Newton (drums) and Dan McGrath (bass)

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