Edinburgh Bedroom-Pop Duo Quiet Houses Share New Beauty ‘Hot and Clumsy’

Edinburgh duo Quiet Houses reveal the dreamy, energetic and whimsical new single ‘Hot and Clumsy’.

Built around a delicate, simplistic and yet effortlessly breathtaking and warming soundscape of intertwining, shimmering guitar lines, subtle electronic swells and lo-fi electronic drums, the track instantly exudes a care free, breezy beauty. The silky, breathy lead vocals takes centre stage, giving a captivating hook with ear-worm melodies and teen story telling, ultra relatable lyricism.

As ‘Hot and Clumsy’ grows, the high tempo beat is contrasted by the moody and gentle delivery of the instrumentation to great effect. Enticing and intoxicating, capturing an air of The Japanese House, the perfectly delivered, intricate and at times, Math-Rock influenced guitar lines grow throughout introducing subtle modulation, pitch shifts and washes of reverb.

Speaking about the track the band share: “‘Hot and Clumsy’ is about the nervous excitement of being young and liking someone at a party. The song celebrates the awkwardness of being vulnerable with someone, it embraces the moments we are all embarrassed about.”

After hearing this track, there is now doubt that this duo have immense potential and an impeccable ear for making effortlessly cool and entrancingly beautiful music. It’s a stunning single which is both commercially viable and musically mature. Needless to say, I’m a big fan!

Listen below:

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