Track: Jason Molina – Shadow Answers the Wall

Secretly Canadian have announced a new record – Eight Gates, from the late Jason Molina, the last collection of solo recordings made by the American songwriter, who also traded under the names Songs:Ohio and Magnolia Electric Co., before his death at 39 from complication related to alcoholism in 2013.

Mostly recorded in London, where Molina lived for a time, (the album is named after Molina’s insistence there were eight gates of London, not seven – one for his imagination only) some of the songs are fully formed, some sketches or fragments. Released from the record, Shadow Answers the Wall seems to fall into the former.

It’s a mid tempo number, with Molina’s astonishing vocal performance keeping you on the edge of your seat from start to finish – the accompanying synths, bass and drums paling into a distant focus. Even more haunting that he’s not with us now, there’s a sadness about the melody that has you reaching at the tissue box as soon as his fragile vibrato hits the ears.

Check it out, here

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