Track: Le Ren and Buck Meek cover Gordon Lightfoot’s ‘Early Morning Rain’ with sweet delicacy

MONTREAL chanteuse Le Ren has gotten together with Big Thief’s solo guitarist Buck Meek for a tender, delicate rerub of Canadian singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot’s “Early Morning Rain”, which featured on his 1966 debut album.

If you know Gordon Lightfoot’s catalogue, you know he’s never one to shout his considerable melodic chops from the rooftops – and the way Buck and Le Ren, the musical avatar of Lauren Spear, entwine their voices with a feeling and a sweet hesitancy? Well, they more than do a tale of being sad and far from home justice.

Le Ren says: “To me, this song encapsulates missing someone. As many people are separated right now, it felt like the right moment to cover it.

“Buck and I recorded it in two different countries across time and space so in turn, the production reflects the song itself.”  

Le Ren and Buck Meek’s “Early Morning Rain” is out now on all digital streaming platforms

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