Track: Overland Inn unveil the title track to their forthcoming album ‘Proxima’: a delicious bubbling slice of electronic heaven

Last month we premiered the fantastic new single ‘Les Mauvais Jours’ from Czech-based French duo Overland Inn following their signing to the brilliant Brisbane label False Peak Records. Overland Inn have now released the title track to their forthcoming album ‘Proxima’ and it’s another exquisite slice of electronica pie, augmented by the lush vocals sung in French: always a delicious and enigmatic burnish to any track.

The syncopated rhythms and structural flow is mesmerising while the singing floats above the swiftly moving surface like a butterfly: elegant, delicate and light of touch. Overland Inn show an innate ability to record elegance and light in this luminescent track:

‘Proxima’ is available to stream here or through the link below:

Overland Inn are Etienne (Guitar / Machines) and Chloë (Voice / Keyboards / Machines) who recorded their first album Long Way Home in Portugal in 2010. They went to the UK to record new tracks and compiled them into a second album called Technicolor (2013), before they settled in the Czech Republic and released Between a Dog and a Wolf (2016).

Feature Photograph: Adela Nistora

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