See: Defying Decay Release New Video ‘Let It Rain’

Thai metallers DEFYING DECAY have release a brand new video and single ‘Let It Rain’, a week before the release of their debut album ‘Metamorphosis’.


Let It Rain’ is made up of tour footage of the band’s time with Emmure when touring Russia earlier this year.

Frontman ‘Jay’ Poom Euarchukiati speaks about the single, saying, “This song is probably one of the ones we enjoy playing live the most, as it contains all of our favourite elements from heavy breakdowns to groovy riffs, clean catchy chorus, epic guitar solos, poppy synths and many more. It was also really fun to to work on something that really represents the band as a while, whilst showing off everyone’s skills. It wasn’t planned to be a single initially, but we gathered some cool footage when we went on tour with Emmure and thought it would be a waste to not use it. It’s also a fun song, so the music video shouldn’t be as serious as some of our previous work.” 

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