Track: Sadness & Complete Disappointment – Grip

After the release of their debut EP ‘Fun‘ Sadness & Complete Disappointment are back with a new EP ‘GBH’ due out on the 3rd of November. They have shared the first single from the EP ‘Grip’.

Guitarist and vocalist Meg Mehta explains:

 “a track about the internal struggle of being a creative soul living in this capitalist hellscape. It’s the ol’ adage of there being two wolves inside of everyone – and yup – there are two wolves that live inside of me. One of the wolves wants to earn money and keep myself and my family fed and safe, the other wolf just wants to play music and take mushrooms. This song is about cognitive dissonance in the highest degree, and convexly the back and forth that our little primitive beings face while being affronted with a constant barrage of future shock. On the one hand, I am seeing if I can find my Tesco club card to save £1.60 on my kilogram of frozen edamame beans, and on the other hand, I am moved to tears by the sheer unbridled beauty of the midsummer sunset in the ancient valley I grew up in. In the end, the world is a beautiful place to be (if only we could sack off our jobs).”

A wicked guitar tone and witchy vocals cast a spell over the listener. There is a classic arena rock vibe that forms with the huge sounding drums and scorching guitar solo. The band have crafted something special here and a moved on from their first EP in terms of songwriting talent.

Check it out, here

Find out more about the band via their Facebook

Read our interview with the band here

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