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Oscar Blair

The moniker of singer-songwriter Sophia Mohan, SOMOH’s bedroom-pop/alt-rock sensibilities explore themes of love, hardship, friendships and family. Mohan has returned with a new track ‘Favourite’, out now via Tiny Library Records (Far Caspian).

Speaking of her single release, SOMOH explained:

“‘Favourite’ is about trying to feel a sense of validation through ‘fixing’ everyone’s problems but your own. There’s a childlike obsession that comes with having a saviour complex and I wanted to represent that in the artwork; a diary where you would write down your deepest, darkest secrets. The process of writing to releasing this song has been the fastest yet, but I think that speaks to how excited I am for where this next project is headed. You can expect a much fuller sound, as I lean more into alternative and rock influences.

A hypnotic percussive led track that gradually blooms over its two and a half minutes. A distorted drenched chorus picks the track up adding a touch of grungy rock, as Mohan’s matter of fact vocals dance along imprinting a dreamy emotive quality to the track.

Check it out here

Read our interview with Mohan here

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