Album Review: Once Human – Scar Weaver

The Breakdown

This is the record that gives the band their sound and cements their place in the metal hall of fame.

Scar Weaver is what a band can do with a surplus of time during 2020’s lockdown, thats has allowed the band to hone, refine and re-define their sound. Inspired by a sudden creative surge from latest recruit, guitarist Max Karon.

Starting with a scorching thrash metal riff ‘Eidolon’ gets seriously heavy as the drums and bass kick in and Hart unleashes her growl. From there the track takes on a complicated math rock style that just goes insane with the closing drum solo. ‘Deadlock’ sees the band team up with Logan Mader’s Machine Head brother Robb Flynn as he and Hart swaps vocal duties as the rest of the band rain down with the punishing angular riffing.

‘Scar Weaver’ sums the album up with its aggressive and uncomfortable soundscape. Same can be said for tracks ‘Bottom Feeder’ which although giving us the treat of Harts cleaner vocals. They don’t last long but before she once again assaults out ears which is what this whole album is about. The brutality and aggression they throw at the listener on ‘Where Bones Lie’ is a pure head banger, but a closer listen to the music sees just how intricately constructed the guitars are.

‘Erasure’ is a towering track that goes somewhere closer to a standard anthemic melodic metal track. The chorus lifts the track up however Mader still keeps things dirty and heavy. ‘Deserted’ joins Erasure with its more standard sounding metal track elements.

‘We Ride’ is a fast paced foot to the floor journey thats akin to falling off a cliff. The solo is next level and Hart gives us a spoken word argument. There’s a hint of prog in the opening riffs for ‘Cold Arrival’ however the low strung bass soon reminds us who’s album this is.

Ending the album as it began ‘Only In Death’ has a hint of thrash and also sees some of Hart’ cleaner vocals. But in essence its is a brutal headbanger which the whole album has served up in spades. Remaining crazy heavy throughout.

Third albums can make or break a band. Luckily for Once Human Scar Weaver is the third album that makes a band. Once Human have really pushed themselves to produce a challenging album both musically and sonically. Their previous efforts has seen them as new voice and then a steady band within the metal genre but Scar Weaver sees them rise as one of the best. This is the record that gives the band their sound and cements their place in the metal hall of fame.

Check out the video for the title track, below:

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