DVD Review: Dries

Speaking for myself, I find the fashion world completely baffling. The world of catwalks and exclusive fashion houses seems a far cry from my world. However, at the highest level it’s nothing short of being an art form. And when it comes to artists working in that medium, there are few, if any, more innovative, creative or influential than Dries van Noten. Reiner Holzemer’s documentary, Dries, offers us a glimpse into his life and mind.

For 25 years the staunchly independent Dutchman has remained at the apex of a highly competitive and multi-billion-dollar industry. An extremely private person, this is the first time he’s allowed a filmmaker to get a peek into his private life and accompany him through his creative process. Filmed over a year, and covering four collections, Dries gives an insight into what makes him tick and the driving forces in his life.

What’s so remarkable about Dries van Noten is just how unassuming and down to earth he is. Despite living in such a beautiful house (and my goodness, the garden is something else) and having a settled home life, he’s incredibly driven. In an unrelenting struggle to keep his independence and stay at the top, domesticity can’t be easy. There’s a clarity of vision which is extraordinary. Dries is a quiet and intimate portrait of a fascinating man.

Dries is released on DVD and on demand by Dogwoof on Monday 17 July.

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