Exclusive: Lucy Kruger records ‘A Stranger’s Chest’ live in session for Backseat Mafia

-based South African musician Lucy Kruger joined us for a session to perform A Stranger’s Chest from upcoming album Transit Tapes (for women who move furniture around) due to be released 4th June. With beautiful guitar harmonies and a fantastic voice, Kruger delivers an unforgettable performance.

On her new album – the follow up to Sleeping Tapes, Lucy says “the songs begin in the bedroom, as with Sleeping Tapes, but with an eye on the window and a hand on the door. There is a restlessness. A kind of building up of courage and the acknowledgement of a fear I had developed around making too much noise or causing too much of a scene. How are we supposed to discover who we are if we are not allowed to make a mess? To leak, spill, sweat, spit, shriek. Sometimes playing involves getting scratched or wounded. Laughing. Weeping… Transit Tapes is a gentle and sometimes not so gentle reminder to take off my winter coat and run naked like a wild thing towards the water.”

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Video Editing by Ruby Price for Backseat Mafia

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