New track/Video: Electric-jazz energisers Stellar Legions preview debut album with the cosmic grooves of ‘An Arp in Tunisia’

You might know Ghent based Sdban Records for their exquisite re-issues (think Raphael/’Stop Look and Listen’ or their ‘Utopic Cities’ jazz prog comp). Or maybe you grabbed ethio-dub fusionists Black Flower’s ‘Magma’ album in January, a record that’s destined to scorch into those best of ’22 lists. Well the Belgian label look set to make more significant noise this Autumn with their relentlessly enticing release schedule.

Due for the shelves from October 21st, Stellar Legions self-titled debut album is one of those records with a pedigree that gets you interested but with a punch that demands you take notice. Lead by Stuff sax and electronics deep thinker Andrew Claes, the four piece circle a wild jazz rock orbit sucking energies from electro, dub and IDM along their flight path.

The band have already sneaked out one preview from the album, the forward thrusting Wessel, where Bram Weijters insistent keyboard thrills and trills whip Stellar Legions to a bustling frenzy. Now comes a second single ahead of the full release quirkily titled An Arp In Tunisia, a steamy swirl of percolating latin jazz shot through with added funk. Dizzying sax runs from Claes at the centre, sometimes slippery, sometimes intensely raw, the whole tune glides between atmospheres cosmic and electronic while Klaas De Sommer and Fre Madou keep the tightest rhythmic grip.

There’s a dynamic force about Stellar Legions that’s makes further listening irresistible, but with music this good what;s the problem with that ?

Pre-order Stellar Legions debut album from your local record store or direct from:

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