Live Review: Nothing But Thieves – o2 Apollo, Manchester 04/11/23

Nothing But Thieves are currently on their Welcome To The DCC World Tour following a successful North American leg, with many of the dates on the UK leg selling out and extra dates added. Tonight marks the second performance of a thrilling three-gig schedule in Manchester for the English indie-rock band, Nothing But Thieves, at the renowned O2 Apollo venue with the final show on the 16th November.

A few days back, there had been a moment of uncertainty surrounding the tour when an Instagram statement revealed that the band’s first show in Bournemouth had to be postponed due to illness affecting singer Conor, leading fans to worry if the Manchester shows might also be affected. However, they fulfilled the first date in Manchester last night, with a stripped back set designed to accommodate Conor’s illness meaning he could perform without straining his vocals too much.

Before the band take to the stage for their headline performance the audience is treated to a ‘Dead Club Radio’ slot, featuring an eclectic mix of pop tracks, ranging from Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ to Abba’s ‘Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!’ alongside fake news reports. This set pays homage to their recent album, ‘Dead Club City,’ which also inspired the tour’s name, referencing the first track on the new release ‘Welcome to the DCC’.

As ‘Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!’ by Abba closes the pre-show set, the lights dim, and the crowd erupts in cheers, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the English five-piece on stage. The band members gradually make their way onto the stage, with lead singer Conor Mason appearing last, dressed in a striking black ensemble. They kick off the set with ‘Welcome To The DCC,’ the title track of the tour, setting the night’s tone.

Onstage, animations play on screens in the background, enhancing the visual experience for the audience, with a grid layout piece serving as a backdrop to their performance.

The setlist features tracks like ‘You Know Me Too Well,’ ‘Green Eyes :: Siena,’ and stripped-back renditions of ‘Tomorrow Is Closed’ and ‘Impossible’. The band showcase their versatility by performing a medley that includes ‘Ce n’est Rien,’ ‘Gods,’ and ‘Number 13,’ keeping the crowd enthralled.

The night concludes with a powerful performance of ‘Pop The Balloon’ and the band return for an encore that includes ‘Amsterdam’ and ‘Overcome,’ leaving the audience with a lasting impression, bookending the gig with tracks from the new number one album.

Set List

Welcome to the DCC

Is Everybody Going Crazy

You Know Me Too Well

Real Love Song

Keeping You Around

City Haunts

Life’s Coming in Slow


Do You Love Me Yet?

Ce n’est Rien/Gods/Number 13


Green Eyes :: Siena

Tomorrow Is Closed (Stripped Back)

Impossible (Stripped Back)

Trip Switch


Pop The Balloon




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