Track: Prides release the empowering synth-pop of Higher Love

Pinned as one of 2015’s hottest new bands, Prides are doing everything in their power to live up to the hype and give us music that’s worth talking about. This synth-pop trio are no stranger to hard work, releasing a handful of perfect pop anthems and performing their own headline tour at the end of last year.

‘Higher Love’ is the latest single from Prides, complete with a music video showing us the lyrics to the catchy tune. Never underestimate the power of a good lyric video, especially ones that feature the dodgems, LEGO minifigures, and a cat. Before the video is over you’ll wish you could have a trip to the games arcade with these guys; play pinball until you’re dizzy and insist “the slot machines are all rigged, anyway.”

In a world where personality is as important as the music you’re playing, Prides wins on both accounts. Just watch at 1:15 when, according to my sister, “the cute one pushed the short one out of the way, and the one wearing glasses just laughed.” Prides are an honest band who aren’t afraid of letting their humanity show; when you listen to their music you feel as though you’re getting to know them, and you feel proud when they release something as good as ‘Higher Love’.

The song itself embodies Prides’ spirit; a strong beat and empowering lyrics will guarantee this song to be shouted out at every live show these boys play. “The blood’s still pumping through my veins” is a chant that cannot be ignored, relieving you of any self-doubt and insisting that you can achieve anything.

Prides promise us a début album before the year is over but until then, ‘Higher Love’ will keep our hearts beating and our feet dancing.

Available for download now: iTunes | Spotify

Watch the video to ‘Higher Love’ below:


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7th February – EDINBURGH – Liquid Room
11th February – BRIGHTON – The Haunt
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16th February – LINCOLN – Engine Shed

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