Track: Death Grips delivers ‘Life is an experiment’ from ‘Remix The Universe’, new perspectives on Scratch’s last offering.

It’s inevitable that the mercurial genius of Lee Scratch Perry will live on both in spirit and in some physical form. Dial back to November 2021 when the legendary Upsetter performed as inspirational touchstone on New Age Doom’s ‘Guide To The Universe’, the album that unexpectedly became his parting shot. Perry’s wisdom, fearless flair and vitality slotted into the collective’s melange of drone, noise rock and cavernous dub with seismic results. ‘Guide to the Universe’ was some closing chapter.

Now the rich territory of that seminal album, shaped by New Age Doom’s axial Eric J. Breitenbach/ Greg Valou partnership and Perry’s visionary contribution, is due a timely sonic re-excavation. ‘Remix The Universe’ will be released 27th January next year and like the original, the intrepid We Are Busy Bodies are taking label responsibilities. Featuring new interpretations using the raw material of ‘Guide To The Universe’ as bedrock, the promise is for much more than superficial cut ups or level tinkering and judging by the roster of remixers that intention looks certain to be delivered.

Daryl Palumbo of Glassjaw, South Africa’s alt rockers BLK JKS, math-rock guitarist Nick Reinhart, dark indie’s Tuvaband plus post –hardcore survivalists Quicksand are amongst the diverse cast of re-imaginers, all connected by a deep faith in Scratch’s power to elevate any music and CrookOne’s deft DJ sequencing.

Listen to the first preview track announcing the album, Death Grips/Andy Morin’s reworking of ‘Life Is An Experiment’ and you’ll tune into the reverence and radicalism at the core of these new perspectives. Crunching doom techno, black hole bass drops, clambering synths and rumbling dub undercurrents together fulfill the purpose demanded by Perry’s peerless vocal. As Scratch sings ‘the more you experiment, you make a better,better man’ you know it’s prophetic. ‘Remix the Universe’ is destined to rise you up.

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