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Sweden’s stoner rock masters Lowrider unveil the first ever video taken from their widely-acclaimed new album ‘Refractions’ released last year via Blues Funeral Recordings.

The band comments:

“Let’s face it, it’s been a weird, long, hard year for everyone. When we were gearing up to put out Refractions after working on it pretty much for 7 years straight, everything was still normal. We were so excited to share the album with everyone, but dreams of festivals and gigs changed pretty much instantly by the time it was released. But, in a year that in many ways has kept us isolated from each other, we’ve really gotten closer than ever to everyone who listens, thanks to social media and the wonderful scene we get to be part of. The feedback on Refractions and the personal messages we’ve gotten over the year have meant everything. And, with recent year-end lists lifting Refractions up high, often to the highest spot, we wanted to say thank you to everyone, and give something back that shows just how special this scene is”

Fuzzed up and bass heavy this hits the spot must rock tracks can’t reach. Its almost perfection with its wah wah drenched lead lines and thumping arena sized drums. This is one serious rock heavy weight that will delight all fans of the stoner rock genre.

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