Track: Rebecca Clements releases new single, Coma Boy

Here’s an admission. We missed the debut single ‘Wildlife’ from 19 year old Bristol singer-songwriter Rebecca Clements. Listening to it now, we are kicking ourselves we did, as its breathtaking, heartstopping beauty is hard not to love.

She’s followed it up with a new track, again collaborating with producer Iain Archer. Called ‘Comaboy’, Clements proves that she is one of the most exciting songwriting talents around there, her honest lyrics and stripped back beauty of the track astonishingly mature for one so young. The song is, according to Rebecca Clements herself “for the absent boy living with the lights on but nobody home.”

Predominantly based on this guitar progression that ripples and wind its way around your mind, Clements vocal is this pure and persuasive instrument. As the track gently unfurls,so there’s scraps of melody from other guitars layered over the top, but essentially this is interesting, dark pop music.

We won’t be missing anything from Rebecca Clements in the future. I can guarantee that.

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