Track: Stornaway – The Road You Didn’t Take

Oxford indie folk band Stornoway are back with a third, as yet untitled album, due out on April 13th. Searching for new ideas and with the lyrical cupboard (that is, his notebook) bare, songwriter and frontman Dr. Brian Briggsford took his family and upped sticks for the Gower Pennisula in Wales, perhaps (and I’m relying heavily on a press release for this information) one of Britains last wildernesses.

That move paid dividends. It brought him dreams of three part harmonies, Celtic guitar tuning and thoughts of literary influences, in particular Robert Frost’s poem ‘The Road Not Taken’, and that’s only in the forthcoming single, The Road You Didn’t Take, out on February 16th. It’s perhaps what you come to expect from the band; beautiful, intricate and intimate, it also has this added space and tranquility that location affords perhaps. Its also blessed, right from the tumbling acoustic guitars at the beginning, with a killer melody, and a yearn inducing feel about the whole thing.

Its a little frosted gem of a song, and certainly as lovely as anything 2015 has had to offer so far.

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